Road to Kiev - Medellín

I was waiting some time to begin writing about my experiences of lately but so much is happening and if I dont write now, I will surely forget. First I have to start this by mentioning I’m writing this piece sitting in the back of a rental car after landing in Miami from Medellin. The weekend was exhausting, the food was excellent and the people extraordinarily friendly. 



As we make our way into the everglades back to Florida’s west coast, where my journeys always end and begin, I reminisce about the experiences this trip yielded on both my  accomplishments and mistakes in the hopes I can become a better content creator. 

Exactly what takes me to Medellin is a bit of a story, but without boring you with all the details, the short one: I was hired by Martial Fusion, a company dedicated to different variants of martial arts, to travel alongside Sensei Guillermo Gomez around the world, documenting his experiences of all the conferences he gets to teach. 

If you have a Facebook account, you can watch the first video in the series I am creating for them here.

Next week is Austria, Ukraine and Egypt and will be talking about my prep work. Also, if you have any tips on how to beat jetlag, please don’t hesitate to contact me, these work trips allow for very little rest between arrivals and departures. 


I guess quitting music had it’s perks! (I’ll explain later) 





noun: warp; plural noun: warps

  1. 1. a twist or distortion in the shape or form of something. 
  2. relating to or denoting space travel by means of distorting space-time.modifier noun: warp  

verb : to warp 

  1.  move (a ship) along by hauling on a rope attached to a stationary object on shore.

Thanks so much for tunning in, happy 2018 everyone and hope this new year brings amazing adventures your way...  

l would like to kick start this blog with a confession; Not only is writing somewhat of medieval torture for me, but also  I am doing it in my second language. Foreign on foreign. Only by existing, this project is already warping my mind, taking me (this soon) to places where I cannot feel the blanketed warmth of my comfort zone. The synthesization of these feelings is what inspires and drives me to write this Blog, hopefully I can be clear and eloquent enough to document it. 

Imagine where else it'll take us.


Join me and my best friend, my wife 'Pea' while we warp all over and the adventures that come with. To warping!